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SpyBiotech Appoints Keith Dewedoff as new Chief Financial Officer


SpyBiotech Adds Epstein-Barr Virus Research and Development Collaboration with The University of Oxford


SpyBiotech Announces First Patient Dosed in Phase I Trial of SPYVLP01


SpyBiotech is a clinical stage company utilizing its unique protein superglue technology to develop vaccines against infectious disease and cancer

Preventing disease by triggering the body’s own immune system is one of medical science’s greatest achievements. Only access to clean drinking water is more important to human health. Yet we still lack vaccines for dozens of viral, bacterial and parasitic infectious diseases, as well as therapeutic vaccines to advance the treatment of cancer.

SpyBiotech came into being to change that. Our pioneering technology, the proprietary protein superglue SpyTag/SpyCatcher, enables us to develop safe and highly effective vaccines with greater ease and speed. Our ambition is to leverage the benefits of our unique platform to address major human health challenges around the world.

Our Pipeline

We are developing a novel vaccine against human cytomegalovirus (HCMV), a widespread disease with life-threatening implications, particularly for babies and children, that currently lacks effective treatment or prevention.

Our Story
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