Matthew Dicks

Group Leader – SpyVector

Matt Dicks leads the development of a new technology platform applying SpyBiotech’s proprietary technology to design new adenovirus-based vectors to target cancer and infectious diseases.

Matt joined SpyBiotech in 2017 from King’s College, London, where he spent several years researching the virology of HIV. He is a specialist in the development of novel adenovirus-based vaccine vectors – common viruses engineered so that they are non-infectious but can generate a protective immune response.

After taking an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from Oxford University, Matt moved to the renowned Jenner Institute to complete his doctorate. ChAdOx1, the novel chimpanzee adenovirus vector he created there, is patent protected in multiple territories and is the platform technology upon which the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine (VaxzevriaTM) is based.

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