Simon Draper


Simon is Professor of Vaccinology and Translational Medicine at Oxford University’s Jenner Institute. He is also a Fellow of Merton College, a Fellow of the Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine, and a Senior Fellow at the Wellcome Trust. He acts as a valued scientific consultant to SpyBiotech since founding the company in 2017.

Simon’s expertise in vaccine research and development is deep and wide-ranging. It includes the development of novel vaccine technologies, pre-clinical studies, clinical testing and human immuno-monitoring.

His scientific group at the Jenner Institute focusses on malaria and antibody immunology. They have manufactured nine new vaccines to the clinical development stage, progressing these to Phase I and Phase II clinical trials conducted in the UK or Africa. Many of these trials have been first-in-human safety and immunogenicity studies, with a number including efficacy readouts following controlled human malaria infection.

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